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Who is GSB?

Global Scouting Bureau can help athletes reach their ultimate potential with a variety of features

Become a Scout

Become a ScoutWhen a scout is approved with GSB, sure they get business cards, a polo shirt, welcome packet with scouting reports and more, but they join a team with other committed individuals. Scouts go through training to utilize technology, and learn common terminology. By using state of the art technology, scouts are able to work more efficiently and feel connected with the team. Learn More

Broadcast & Watch Games

Ever wanted to watch your childs game and couldn't be there?  Maybe relatives or friends would love to wath but live too far to atend games.  How about allowing scouts watch?  Well....now they can!!!! And its free.  As long as you have a smartphone or video camera/webcam, you can broadcast for free.  Then, others can log in and watch for free as well.  Get your free account today!

Latest News

2014 is shaping up to be a great year for GSB.  GSB in partnership with Nations baseball will be selecting the players from Texas and Louisiana for the USA NTIS program.  This program is one of the ways that amateur players are selected to play for the National Team.  Over the past 3 years, GSB has been fortunate to have 3 players from Louisiana selected through this process (Nick Lee, Kale...

Southeast USA

NEW The Southeast Showcase Series is a newly formed showcase tournament for High School aged players.  GSB will be identifying the "prospects" for the SESS in 2014.  Invite only tournaments ensuring high quality of play as well as on Top Div I fields. Stats and analytics on all players in the events, as well as scouts and recruiters at games. 

Global Prospects

Global Prospects, the world's first athlete ranking system. Global Prospects was created by the GLOBAL SCOUTING BUREAU to introduce a standardized testing method so that all athletes are evaluated equally. Our goal is to educate, evaluate and expose. Over the past decade, we have provided more than 2,500 college and professional playing opportunities in over 23 countries.. read more >>

Search for Players

Need to find a way to rejuvenate your franchise next season? Has your team been struggling to produce wins? Let GSB Sports stir up some new talent for your franchise and start generating revenue for your organization. Winning equals profits, and GSB Sports has helped place more than 2,000 athletes in professional sports jobs in the last decade! Create a profile and start your player search today, and never be left with another team's leftovers again! read more >>