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See what GSB Sports can do for you. Learn from professional players, coaches and scouts gain a competitive edge over your opponents!

  • Network with Athletes
  • Create and Join Groups
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Get expert feedback from the professionals and use it to improve your game. Take your experience to the next level with GSB Sports!

  • Upload Your Photos
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  • Register for Upcoming Events
  • Professional Scouting Reports


Stop living in a world with boundaries and gain the experience and image you seek with GSB Sports. Put yourself in a position to succeed today!

  • Be on a Scout’s “Watchlist”
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  • Enter our Global Database
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  • Earn Worldwide Recognition

The GSB Difference

Youth – Whether you’re looking to join a team or aiming to improve your game, Global Scouting Bureau can help athletes reach their ultimate potential with a variety of features. Log on to create your own custom profile and begin experiencing all GSB Sports has to offer. From finding friends, teams, and leagues, to uploading photos, stats, schedules and more, to broadcasting your games live online! High School – Sick of all the letters from companies looking to “assist” in your college recruitment? Tired of all the false promises and high price tags? At GSB Sports, you take charge of your career. Create a custom profile with stats, schedule, photos and video for scouts to watch and evaluate. Allow scouts and teams to find you, and locate the best fit for your future.

GSB offers premium areas for scouts and teams to locate the players they need to succeed. The opportunity is out there; make yourself visible for the team looking for you! College – Looking to make that jump to the next level or unhappy with your current playing time? GSB Sports can match you up with a new and exciting opportunity with a few mouse clicks.

Communicate with coaches and scouts to find out where you need to improve. Allow professionals to evaluate your performance and give their feedback. Locate that dream opportunity and excel in your career. Upload game clips, statistics, and more to help promote your game to the masses. Professional – Are you a professional athlete that has become recently unemployed? Not sure where to turn to next? Just because one team might not have room for you on their roster, doesn’t mean others don’t. Create your profile at GSB Sports and begin searching for your next opportunity.

Every year scouts are looking to fill needs for their franchises, and now you can always be “in the right place at the right time”. The world of opportunity is closer than you think, so register today! Create Your ProfileIt’s free!