About Us

Welcome to the Global Scouting Bureau! Our company philosophy of using sports as a platform to educate can be witnessed throughout our global operations. Whether it’s academy training, player evaluation and procurement, event coordination, or business consultation, our proven track record speaks volumes to our success.

Established in 1998, and with more than a decade of professional experience, our company has assisted thousands of players, coaches, scouts, teams, and leagues in over 25 countries around the world through education, evaluation and exposure.

As a player, we will help you realize your dreams by giving you the exposure you need to land a professional contract or gain a college scholarship. GSB conducts local scouting events for professional placement and evaluation trials for college-bound athletes throughout the year.

If you’re a coach or scout, we will help you find the right players you need to complete your team. Our extensive network of over 200 scouts, database of available athletes, and the many events we hold throughout the year provide a rich selection of quality players to fill your available positions.

Global Scouting Bureau knows sports. So if you’re a player, coach, scout, manager, or league official, contact us to provide the platform and services you need to take your game to the next level.