Professional Athlete Portal

This portal is specifically designed for those athletes seeking Professional Opportunities.  Depending on unique tools of the athlete along with their statistical background, our team goes to work to ensure the best chance at obtaining opportunities domestically and abroad.  Since 1998, literally THOUSANDS of athletes have utilized GSB as the method of securing their Professional Opportunities.   GSB has successfully assisted athletes into 23 countries as well as every level here in the USA.

Players not drafted or those players released or otherwise “free agents” here is the place to be. Simply provide all your details and information and let us do the heavy lifting.  Our team will begin networking with clients near and far to find opportunities.  YOU…..always get to make the final decision as our goal is to find opportunities where you can maximize your potential.

This service is for the following:

  • Athletes that are looking for high paying International Opportunities
  • Athletes that have been released
  • Athletes that are looking for entry level opportunities to showcase their skillset at the professional level
  • Athletes that are looking to continue playing during their off-season


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